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Visiting CelebrityEvent +1

Legacy Content

Beneficial Settlement 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 565
Location A randomly determined settlement
A celebrity from another nation or even a distant land visits one of your settlements, causing a sudden influx of notoriety, visitors, and lavish spending. The GM determines the nature of the visiting celebrity.
Kingdom Skill Arts; Leader Emissary

Critical Success The visit is a rousing success. Not only are your citizens delighted by the visitor, but the visitor is quite taken with your kingdom and leaves you with a parting gift. Choose two of the following: gain 4 bonus Resource Dice next turn, gain 1d6 Luxury commodities, or reduce Unrest by 1d6.
Success The visit is a success, and the celebrity enjoys their time in your kingdom. Choose one of the parting gifts from those listed in the critical success result.
Failure The visitor has an agreeable if pedestrian visit. Reduce Unrest by 1.
Critical Failure The visitor leaves unimpressed and spreads reports of their unpleasant visit abroad. Increase Unrest by 1d4. The next time your kingdom has a Visiting Celebrity, increase that event's level modifier by 2.