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Public ScandalEvent +0

Legacy Content

Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 563
One of your NPC leaders is implicated in a crime or an embarrassing situation. If you have no NPC leaders, this event involves a PC leader only if the GM determines that the PC leader has been acting in a way that could cause a scandal; otherwise this event does not occur.
Kingdom Skill Intrigue; Leader Counselor

Critical Success You quiet the scandal before it spawns more than rumors.
Success Word gets out, but an apology and careful words manage to blunt the outrage. Gain 1 Unrest.
Failure The people are very unhappy with their leader's behavior. Gain 1d4 Unrest and increase Corruption by 1.
Critical Failure The people are outraged by the scandal and demand the leader be replaced. Gain 1d6 Unrest and increase a Ruin of your choice by 1. Then immediately use the New Leadership kingdom activity to attempt to replace the leader. If you fail, this event occurs again with the same leadership role on the kingdom's next Event phase. If the leader involved in the scandal takes any leadership role during the next 1d4 Kingdom turns, this event occurs again with that character at the focus of the scandal.