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Hana's Hundreds

This creature did not include a description.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 44

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Changes from being Weak are marked in red below.
NOTE: The -2 damage penalty to non-strike offensive abilities (-4 if the ability is limited, such as spells) is NOT factored in.

Weak Hana's HundredsCreature 15

Source Pathfinder #166: Despair on Danger Island pg. 51
Perception +23
Languages Common, Tien
Skills Acrobatics +25, Athletics +28, Intimidation +25
Str +8, Dex +6, Con +6, Int +1, Wis +2, Cha +4
AC 35; Fort +27, Ref +21, Will +21
HP 250; Thresholds 180 (12 squares), 90 (8 squares); Weaknesses area damage 20, splash damage 10
Troop Defenses
Speed 30 feet
Form Up Single ActionSingle Action Rain of Knives Two ActionsTwo Actions Hana's Hundreds launch a volley of throwing knives in a 10-foot burst within 50 feet that deals 4d6+13 piercing damage (DC 31 basic Reflex save). When the team is reduced to 8 or fewer squares, this area decreases to a 5-foot burst.Run Them Over! Three ActionsThree Actions Hana's Hundreds attempt to trample all foes in their way. The team Forms Up and Strides twice, moving through the space of Medium or smaller creatures. Each creature the team moves through takes 4d8+14 bludgeoning damage (DC 31 basic Reflex save). On a critical failure, the creature is also knocked prone.Troop Movement Whenever Hana's Hundreds Strides, the team first Forms Up as a free action to condense into a 20-foot-by-20-foot area (minus any missing squares), then moves up to its Speed. This works just like a Gargantuan creature moving; for instance, if any square of the team enters difficult terrain, the extra movement cost applies to the whole team.Whirlwind of Blades Single ActionSingle Action to Three ActionsThree Actions Frequency once per round; Hana's Hundreds flail their swords wildly at each enemy adjacent to the team (DC 31 basic Reflex save). The damage depends on the number of actions.
Single ActionSingle Action 2d8 slashing damage
Two ActionsTwo Actions 3d8+13 slashing damage
Three ActionsThree Actions 4d8+16 slashing damage