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Magic Items / Magical Tattoos

Tattooing Rules

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 164
To craft a magical tattoo, you must be able to craft magic items and have a specialty in tattooing. You can attain these requirements by taking the Tattoo Artist skill feat, or you can take both the Magical Crafting and Specialty Crafting skill feats, choosing artistry as your specialty.

Crafting a Tattoo

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 164
Inking a magical tattoo onto a creature is much like etching a rune onto an item. The tattooist uses the Craft activity, and the subject must be present throughout the process. The tattooist must meet any special Craft requirements, and they can ink only one tattoo at a time. Not only does a magical tattoo not have any effect until the Craft activity is complete, but it also requires a healing period. Though this time frame can last up to a month, applying magical or alchemical healing can shorten it to as little as a day.

The Tattoo Trait

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 164
A magical tattoo has the tattoo trait. It's permanently a part of the subject's body, and reduces the number of items that creature can invest per day by 1. Each tattoo has the invested trait to indicate this limitation—a magical tattoo is like an invested item that the tattooed creature has no choice but to invest. If the tattoo loses its magic or is destroyed, it no longer reduces your investiture.

Just like a physical magic item, a magical tattoo can be counteracted by spells like dispel magic or disjunction. If destroyed, the tattoo fades from the skin.

If a creature gets a new magical tattoo when their limit on invested items has already been reduced to zero, the new tattoo's magic fails to take hold, and it becomes a non-magical tattoo instead. However, a tattooist can alter an existing tattoo when they Craft a tattoo, modifying the old one into a different magical tattoo and removing the old effect. Magical tattoos can usually be upgraded into their greater versions by having a tattooist add to or modify the existing tattoo.