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DjongVehicle 15

Source Tian Xia World Guide pg. 267
Price 17,000 gp
Djongs are immense multi-decked outriggers used by the Tian-Sing for transit within the Minata archipelago. Similar in design to the smaller karakoa, djongs have an open hull design that makes them very fast and exceptionally stable, capable of carrying hundreds of rowers on their decks, as well as a large woven triangular sail on a mast. The broad platforms on the djongs made them excellent for ferrying cargo, and their size and stability enabled them to host hundreds of warriors and their gear for transport. During peacetime, djongs are often used to host major celebrations and important weddings, with dignitaries bringing large entourages on their own djongs and then rafting up with other celebrants to form a floating village.

The size of the djongs is limited by the availability of the large timber required to form each of its twin hulls. Many of the giant trees suitable to build djongs have been harvested, making the surviving djongs even more valuable, with their overall length becoming a metric of status for their owners.
Space 250 feet long, 100 feet wide, 50 feet high
Crew 1 pilot, 400 rowers; Passengers 100
Piloting Check Sailing Lore (DC 34), Diplomacy (DC 36), or Intimidation (DC 36)
AC 32; Fort +26
Hardness 15, HP 280 (BT 140); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage; Weaknesses 15 fire until broken
Speed swim 50 feet (rowed, wind)
Collision 9d12 (DC 34)
Sluggish This vehicle must move twice its length for each 90-degree turn it makes.