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Source Core Rulebook pg. 284 4.0
If the target of the critical hit is adjacent to a surface, it gets stuck to that surface by the missile. The target is immobilized and must spend an Interact action to attempt a DC 10 Athletics check to pull the missile free; it can't move from its space until it succeeds. The creature doesn't become stuck if it is incorporeal, is liquid (like a water elemental or some oozes), or could otherwise escape without effort.

Weapons Alchemical Crossbow, Arrows, Backpack Ballista, Backpack Ballista Bolts, Bolts, Bolts (Phalanx Piercer), Bow Staff, Composite Longbow, Composite Shortbow, Crescent Cross, Crossbow, Daikyu, Gakgung, Gauntlet Bow, Hand Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Hongali Hornbow, Lancer, Longbow, Mikazuki, Phalanx Piercer, Repeating Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow Magazine, Repeating Hand Crossbow, Repeating Hand Crossbow Magazine, Repeating Heavy Crossbow, Repeating Heavy Crossbow Magazine, Rotary Bow, Shield Bow, Shortbow, Sukgung, Taw Launcher, Wooden Taws