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PFS LimitedMonkey's Fist

Source Pathfinder #157: Devil at the Dreaming Palace pg. 78
Price 1 sp; Damage 1d6 B; Bulk
Hands 1
Category Martial
Group Flail; Traits Finesse, Monk, Nonlethal
Also called a “slungshot,” the monkey's fist is a short length of rope ending in a thick knot wrapped around a metal weight. You can tie the loose end of a monkey's fist to your wrist; if you are Disarmed, the weapon remains secured to your wrist rather than falling to the ground, though you must use an Interact action to grip it before using it again. A monkey's fist is a martial melee weapon.



You can use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on attack rolls using this melee weapon. You still use your Strength modifier when calculating damage.


Abilities with this trait are from the monk class. A weapon with this trait is primarily used by monks.


An effect with this trait is not inherently deadly. Damage from a nonlethal effect knocks a creature out rather than killing it. You can use a nonlethal weapon to make a lethal attack with a –2 circumstance penalty.

Critical Specialization Effects

Source Core Rulebook pg. 283 3.0
Certain feats, class features, weapon runes, and other effects can grant you additional benefits when you make a Strike with certain weapons and get a critical success. This is called a critical specialization effect. The exact effect depends on which weapon group your weapon belongs to, as listed below. You can always decide not to add the critical specialization effect of your weapon.

Flail: The target is knocked prone.