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PFS StandardFlexible Spellcaster

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 209 1.1
You've learned how to cast spells flexibly, blending the best elements of spontaneous and prepared spellcasting at the cost of casting fewer spells each day.

Flexible Spell Preparation (1st)

This class feature alters your spellcasting class feature (such as Arcane Spellcasting for the wizard or Divine Spellcasting for the cleric). If you choose this class archetype, you must select Flexible Spellcaster Dedication as your 2nd-level class feat.

Prerequisites: You must have a class, such as clerics, druids, witches, and wizards, that prepares spells in spell slots using the same number of prepared spells per day.

Flexible Spellcaster Adjustments: You learn spells as normal for your class (a wizard uses a spellbook, a witch teaches spells to their familiar, and so on), but change your spellcasting from your class as follows.
  • You can cast fewer spells each day. Your number of spell slots per day don't advance from 2 to 3 spells at even levels (see Table 5—1).
  • Reduce the number of cantrips you gain from your class by 2. This archetype doesn't change the way you prepare cantrips.
  • During your daily preparations, you prepare a spell collection rather than preparing spells into each spell slot individually. The number of spells in your spell collection each day equals the total number of spell slots you get each day from your class spells. Select these spells from the same source as normal, such as from a spellbook for a wizard.
  • You can cast any of the spells in your collection by using a spell slot of an appropriate level. For instance, if you were level 1 and had feather fall and magic missile in your spell collection, you could cast feather fall twice that day, magic missile twice, or each spell once.
  • Extra spell slots you gain that have additional restrictions, like the wizard's specialist school spells or the cleric's divine font spells, don't change due to this archetype, nor do such spells count toward the number of spells you place in your spell collection. See the Restricted Spell Slots sidebar.

Table 5-1: Flexible Spellcaster Spells per Day

* Your class most likely has a class feature that gives you a single 10th level spell slot that works a bit differently from other slots. If so, flexible spellcaster doesn't change the way that spell works.

Heightening Spells

Once you gain 2nd-level spells, you can heighten any spell in your spell collection to any level you can cast, similar to a spontaneous spellcaster's signature spells. The only restriction is that you must select at least one 1st-level spell for your collection each time you prepare, ensuring that you can use all your spell slots each day.

Adjudicating Class Feats And Features

Some of your class feats or features might rely on the fact that you prepare spells in spell slots. While some class feats might no longer work or be necessary with the flexible spellcaster archetype, in many cases you can make a simple replacement and continue using the class feat. The following class feats simply require replacing “a spell you have prepared” or “a prepared spell” for “a spell in your collection” or “a spell slot.” For example, in Counterspell, you'd replace “a spell you have prepared” in the trigger for “a spell in your collection” and “expend a prepared spell” for “expend a spell slot.” Similarly, in arcane bond, you'd replace “cast one spell you prepared today and already cast” with “cast one spell in your collection you've already cast today.”

The Counterspell and Leyline Conduit feats in the Core Rulebook need these substitutions, as does Form Retention from the Advanced Player's Guide. Spell Mastery provides additional restricted spells, like divine font or specialist spells; you can take it, but it doesn't add to your collection and works like normal prepared spells.

Disallowed Feats

The following feats from the Core Rulebook aren't available for a flexible spellcaster: Call of the Wild, Clever Counterspell, Infinite Possibilities, Reprepare Spell, and Spell Combination. The disallowed feats from the Advanced Player's Guide are as follows: Elemental Summons, Miraculous Possibility, Rites of Convocation, and Rites of Transfiguration.

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PFS StandardFlexible Spellcaster Dedication Feat 2

Archetype Class Dedication 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 209 1.1
Archetype Flexible Spellcaster
Prerequisites flexible spell preparation

You now have four cantrips per day instead of three. At 4th level, you have five cantrips per day instead of four.