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PFS StandardNymph

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 138 2.0
One of your ancestors was inspired by a nymph, or perhaps was a nymph themself, and now the beauty of nature lives in you.

Spell List primal
Bloodline Skills Diplomacy, Nature
Granted Spells cantrip: tanglefoot, 1st: charm, 2nd: calm emotions, 3rd: animal vision, 4th: vital beacon, 5th: crushing despair, 6th: repulsion, 7th: unfettered pack, 8th: moment of renewal, 9th: overwhelming presence
Bloodline Spells initial: nymph's token, advanced: blinding beauty, greater: establish ward
Blood Magic Nymph grace accentuates your movements and distracts your foes, either granting you a +1 status bonus to Diplomacy checks for 1 round or imposing a –1 status penalty on one target's Will saves for 1 round.