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PFS StandardShadow

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 138
Whether due to a velstrac's manipulations or a planar jaunt gone horribly wrong, your bloodline was infused with a vein of shadow.

Spell List occult
Bloodline Skills Occultism, Stealth
Granted Spells cantrip: chill touch, 1st: grim tendrils, 2nd: darkness, 3rd: chilling darkness, 4th: phantasmal killer, 5th: shadow siphon, 6th: collective transposition, 7th: duplicate foe, 8th: disappearance, 9th: weird
Bloodline Spells initial: dim the light, advanced: steal shadow, greater: consuming darkness
Blood Magic Shadows grow deeper around you or one target, either granting a +1 status bonus to Stealth or imposing a –1 status penalty to Perception for 1 round.