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PFS StandardElven Pantheon [CG]

Source Gods & Magic pg. 93 2.0
The traditional deities of the elven pantheon are Calistria, Desna, Findeladlara (goddess of twilight and traditional art and architecture), Ketephys (god of hunting and the moon), and Yuelral (goddess of gems, craft, and magic). Elves have also adopted Alseta, a minor goddess of doors and transitions, as their patron of teleportation and aiudara (commonly known as elf gates). Most elves value magic, beauty, freedom, and friendship as part of a fulfilling life and tend to worship all of the deities together as exemplars of these values. Alongside full-blooded elves, many half-elves—whether raised by elves or seeking a closer connection to their elven heritage— worship the elven pantheon.

Category Pantheons
Edicts learn and appreciate traditional elven arts, crafts, and magic, explore the worlds outside and within
Anathema irreparably damage the natural environment (such as by overhunting or strip mining), have an unhealthy obsession or attachment
Areas of Concern elves, magic, nature, tradition
Follower Alignments NG, CG, CN
Pantheon Members Alseta, Calistria, Desna, Findeladlara, Ketephys, Yuelral

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Dexterity or Intelligence
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Survival
Favored Weapon longbow or shortbow
Domains creation, magic, moon, nature
Cleric Spells 1st: shillelagh, 2nd: shape wood, 5th: tree stride