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PFS StandardBeast Eidolon

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 61
Your eidolon is a manifestation of the life force of nature in the form of a powerful magical beast that often has animal features, possibly even several from different species. You might have learned the way to connect with the world's life force via a specific philosophy or practice, such as the beliefs of the god callers of Sarkoris, or formed a bond on your own. Regardless, your link to your eidolon allows you both to grow in power and influence to keep your home safe from those who would despoil it.
Tradition Primal
Home Plane Material Plane
Size Medium
Suggested Attacks claw (slashing), jaws (piercing), fangs (piercing), hoof (bludgeoning), horn (piercing)
Brutal Beast Str 18, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 10; +2 AC (+3 Dex cap)
Fleet Beast Str 14, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 10; +1 AC (+4 Dex cap)
Skills Intimidation, Nature
Senses low-light vision
Languages Sylvan
Speed 25 feet
Eidolon Abilities Initial beast's charge; Symbiosis primal roar; Transcendence whirlwind maul

Beast's Charge

Your eidolon can make a ferocious charge or pounce on foes, allowing it to quickly engage. It gains the Beast's Charge activity.

Beast's Charge Two Actions

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 61
Your eidolon rushes forward, using its momentum to increase the power of its attack. Your eidolon Strides twice and then Strikes. If the eidolon moved at least 20 feet away from its starting position and moved entirely in a straight line, it gains a +1 circumstance bonus to this attack roll.

Primal Roar7th

Your eidolon can bellow a terrifying roar, screech, croak, or other overpowering sound to frighten foes. It gains the Primal Roar activity.

Primal Roar Two Actions

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 61
Your eidolon unleashes a primal roar or other such terrifying noise that fits your eidolon's form. Your eidolon attempts Intimidation checks to Demoralize each enemy that can hear the roar; these Demoralize attempts don't take any penalty for not sharing a language.

Whirlwind Maul17th

Your eidolon thrashes violently, damaging many foes in its reach. It gains the Whirlwind Maul activity.

Whirlwind Maul Two Actions

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 61
Your eidolon lashes out in all directions. It makes a melee unarmed Strike against up to four enemies within reach. It can choose different unarmed attacks for each enemy. Each attack counts toward your multiple attack penalty, but you don't increase your penalty until the eidolon has made all its attacks.