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PFS StandardBinding CoilItem 6+

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 173
Usage affixed to a weapon
Activate Free ActionFree Action envision; Trigger Your Strike with the affixed weapon damages a creature; Requirements You're an expert in Athletics.
This talisman, a bright red coil that's warm to the touch and faintly resembles a serpent, wraps entirely around your weapon. When you activate this talisman's effect, attempt to Grapple the creature you hit. On a success, rather than the normal Grapple effects, the coil instead wraps itself around the target with one end remaining attached to your weapon. Your opponent must succeed at a DC 20 Escape check to break free. The coil breaks if you move any further away from the bound opponent, but not if you move any closer.

Binding CoilItem 6

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 173
Price 50 gp

Binding Coil (Greater)Item 13

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 173
Price 450 gp
The escape DC is 30.