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PFS StandardRetrieval PrismItem 3+

Conjuration Consumable Magical Talisman Teleportation 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 176 1.1
PFS Note A basic retrieval prism must be attuned to a PC to function.

Usage affixed to armor
Activate command; Requirements You have a free hand.
This triangular prism showing swirling black patterns inside constantly moves around on your armor, no matter where you affix it. As part of the process of Affixing this Talisman, you attune it to a single item of 1 Bulk or less. When you activate this talisman, the attuned item immediately teleports into your hand.

The retrieval prism can't retrieve an item that's not on your plane, including one that's in an extradimensional space like a bag of holding. If you haven't expended the talisman, you can attune it to a different item by Affixing the Talisman again.

PFS StandardRetrieval PrismItem 3

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 176 1.1
Price 12 gp

PFS StandardRetrieval Prism (Greater)Item 10

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 176 1.1
Price 200 gp
You don't need to attune the prism. It can retrieve any item in your possession of 1 Bulk or less, chosen when you activate the prism.