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PFS StandardVapor SphereItem 14

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 176
Price 900 gp
Usage affixed to armor
Activate ReactionReaction envision; Trigger You trigger a trap's reaction or an enemy that was undetected by you makes an attack against you; Requirements You're an expert in the affixed armor and an expert in Reflex saves.
Within this strange glass sphere swirls a cloud of smoke that occasionally appears as if it's trying to escape. You react to a surprise encounter with haste, activating this talisman and causing your body to momentarily become like vapor. Against the trap's reaction or the attack, you gain resistance 25 to physical damage and are immune to precision damage. This effect also prevents the reaction or attack from physically moving you (such as falling down a pit or being knocked prone), and after the reaction or attack, you can Fly 5 feet. When you end this flight, you leave your vaporous state and are exposed to any danger still at your location.