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PFS StandardHundred-Moth CaressItem 8

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 185
Price 475 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 2
The handles of this +1 striking scythe are made from a dull, gray wood of bone-like consistency, and when you slice with it, a fluttering gust of hundreds of moths' wingbeats fills the air. If you're a devotee of Urgathoa, you can use this scythe as a divine focus, and with every Strike, it exudes a pallid cloud of powdery dust.

Activate Free ActionFree Action command (divine, necromancy, negative); Frequency once per round; Effect You deal 1d10 negative damage to yourself. If your next action is to Strike with the scythe or to Cast a Spell with the disease or negative trait, that Strike or spell deals additional negative damage equal to the damage you took (after any reductions or increases from immunity, resistances, weaknesses).