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Spider GunItem 6+

Uncommon Evocation Magical 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 155
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 2
A spider gun is a +1 striking weapon. It's a distinct type of martial firearm made from the fangs and spinneret of a Large spider. It deals 1d10 poison damage with a range increment of 30 feet and reload 1. On a critical hit, the venom clings to the target and they take persistent poison damage equal to 1d4 + the number of weapon damage dice. A spider gun does not add critical specialization effects. The gun can be activated to fire webbing that hampers other creatures.

Activate [one-action] Interact (conjuration, magical) Frequency once per round; Effect You fire a mass of webbing at a square within 30 feet. That square becomes covered in webbing for 1 minute. A square covered with the webbing from a spider gun can be cleared by a single attack or effect that deals at least 5 slashing damage or 1 fire damage. A square has AC 5, and it automatically fails its saving throws. The first time each turn a creature in the webbing begins to use a move action or enters the webbing during a move action, it must attempt an Athletics check or Reflex save against DC 20. On a success, it moves normally through the webbing and clears away the webbing from any squares it enters this turn. On a failure, it treats squares of webbing as difficult terrain this turn, and on a critical failure, it's immobilized for 1 round or until it Escapes (DC 20) or destroys the webbing.

Craft Requirements The initial raw materials for the spider gun must include the fangs and spinneret of a giant spider or other Large spider.

PFS StandardSpider GunItem 6

Source Guns & Gears pg. 155
Price 250 gp
Bulk 2

PFS StandardSpider Gun (Greater)Item 9

Source Guns & Gears pg. 155
Price 1,400 gp
Bulk 2
The gun's webbing requires at least 15 slashing damage or 5 fire damage to clear away and the DC is 25.

PFS StandardSpider Gun (Major)Item 15

Source Guns & Gears pg. 155
Price 6,500 gp
Bulk 2
A major spider gun is a +2 greater striking weapon. The gun's webbing requires at least 25 slashing damage or 15 fire damage to clear away and the DC is 34.