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PFS StandardQuick WigItem 2

Legacy Content

Uncommon Illusion Invested Magical 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 50
Price 30 gp
Usage worn headwear; Bulk L
A quick wig magically conceals your natural hair while worn, eliminating the need to braid or pin your hair beneath it. In addition, your facial hair and eyebrows change color to match the wig while you wear it. When used as part of a Deception check to Impersonate to go unrecognized by changing your hair, you no longer require a disguise kit, you gain a +1 item bonus on the check, and you reduce the time to create the disguise from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. You still need a disguise kit and the full time if you're using cosmetics and other props to change other aspects of your disguise or Impersonating a specific person, and the wig only provides its item bonus when Impersonating a specific person if that person's hair color and style match the wig's. Quick wigs detangle themselves while not in use.