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PFS StandardTwining ChainsItem 1

Uncommon Adjustment 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 104
Price 5 gp
Usage applied to armor; Bulk 1
This set of chains is completely covered with spikes and sharp blades. Not balanced for weapon use, twining chains are instead wrapped around a user's body as a deterrent to attackers—and, for some, a fashion statement. While wearing twining chains, you gain the Thorns reaction. In addition to their dangers, twining chains' weight also increases your armor's Bulk by 1, Strength entry value by 2, and check penalty by 2.

Thorns Trigger You are hit by an unarmed attack; Effect You twist to harm your attacker with your chains' spikes and blades. Make an attack roll against the triggering attacker using your unarmed attack modifier. On a hit, the attacking creature takes 1d6 piercing damage. This damage increases to 2d6 damage if the armor has a +1 potency rune, 3d6 damage if the armor has a +2 potency rune, or 4d6 damage if the armor has a +3 potency rune. However, whether you hit or miss, you take piercing damage equal to the number of d6s of piercing damage you would deal your attacker.