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PFS StandardCampaign StableItem 8

Legacy Content

Uncommon Conjuration Magical Structure 
Source Knights of Lastwall pg. 89
Price 500 gp
Bulk L (when not activated)
Access Knights of Lastwall have access to this item.
Used to facilitate the care of mounts during long campaigns or when it's necessary to move camp frequently, this object appears to be a simple, worn wooden horseshoe.

Activate 1 minute (command, Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You place the horseshoe on the ground and it unfolds into a spacious stable with a wide central aisle, stalls to accommodate up to eight horses, and sufficient feed and water to sustain the horses for 1 day. The stalls can house other quadrupedal mounts, but the stable provides only horse feed, which might be unsuitable for other creatures. As a 1-minute activity, which has the concentrate trait, you can alter the shape of the stalls to accommodate different mounts, though the space available within the stable never changes, only the layout.
A metal horseshoe hangs inside the stable near the entrance. You can remove the horseshoe with an Interact action, which causes the stable to fold into the horseshoe, leaving it again looking as if it's made of worn wood.