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Prayer BeadsItem 5+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 573
Usage held in 1 hand
This strand of ordinary-looking prayer beads glows with a soft light and becomes warm to the touch the first time you cast a divine spell while holding it. When you do, the prayer beads become attuned to your deity, changing their form and iconography to prominently incorporate your deity’s religious symbol and iconography. The beads don’t transform or function for an evil spellcaster.

Whenever you cast a divine spell from your own spell slots while holding the prayer beads, you recover 1 Hit Point; this is a positive healing effect. If the spell you cast was a healing spell, you can grant this additional healing to one of the spell’s targets instead of yourself.

Craft Requirements You have a spellcasting class feature with the divine tradition.

Holy Prayer BeadsItem 5

Core Rulebook pg. 573
Level 5; Price 160 gp

Holy Prayer Beads (Greater)Item 11

Source Core Rulebook pg. 573
Level 11; Price 1,400 gp
You recover 1d4 Hit Points instead of 1 Hit Point when casting divine spells from your spell slots. Change the beads’ list of spells to the 4th-level versions of bless, divine wrath (matching one component of your deity’s alignment), heal, neutralize poison, and remove disease. You can cast each of these once per day.