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PFS StandardRod of WonderItem 8

Rare Chaotic Evocation Magical 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 575 4.0
Price 465 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
This peculiar rod is strange and unpredictable. Each time it is activated, it produces one of a variety of effects at random.

Activate [two-actions] command, Interact ; Effect Choose a creature within 60 feet and roll d% on the table below to determine the rod’s effect. If an entry lists only a spell name, the rod casts that spell at its lowest level. You make any decisions for a spell cast by the rod unless otherwise indicated, except that it must target the creature you chose, or the creature you chose must be the center of the spell’s area, if it has an area but no targets. If the spell’s range is less than 60 feet, increase the range to 60 feet.

Any spell DC required is DC 27, and any spell attack roll required is +17. If the rod casts a spell on you, you don’t get a saving throw or other defense against it.

Once activated, the rod can’t be activated again for 1d4 hours.

Rod of Wonder

d%Wondrous Effect
1–3Leaves grow from the target; they last 24 hours
9Summon a giant stag beetle (5th-level summon animal)
10–13A stream of 600 large and colorful butterflies pours forth, fluttering in a 20-foot burst for 2 rounds; creatures are blinded while in the cloud of butterflies
14–15All the target's weapons animate with the effects of the dancing rune
16–25Lightning bolt
26–29Grass grows in a 60-foot cone in front of the rod, or existing grass grows at 10 × normal rate
30Target turns blue, green, or purple with an unlimited duration
31Summon an elephant (6th-level summon animal)
32–34Heavy rain falls in a 60-foot radius around you for 1 round
35–38Stinking cloud
39Summon an ineffective mouse (1st-level summon animal)
40–42Vibrant pattern, with a 1-round duration
43–44The rod casts mirror image on you
45–46Gust of wind
47–48The non-living, unattended object closest to the target (up to 30 cubic feet in size) turns ethereal for an unlimited duration
54You turn blue, green, or purple with an unlimited duration
55–59The rod casts pest form on you, lasting 1d4 rounds
60–611d4 × 10 gems, each worth 1 sp, shoot from the rod, dealing 1 piercing damage to each creature in a 15-foot cone
62Sleep, with a 100-foot burst
73–77Mind reading
78–80Roll again; the target believes you created the effect of the second roll
85–87Target is coated in nectar, making it clumsy 1 for 1 round
88–92Faerie fire
93–97The rod casts invisibility on you
98–100The rod casts shrink on you, lasting 1 day