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PFS StandardDread BlindfoldItem 17

Source Core Rulebook pg. 610 2.0
Price 15,000 gp
Usage worn eyepiece
When tied over your eyes, this ragged strip of black linen gives you a +3 item bonus to Intimidation checks and darkvision. You can see through the blindfold, but only using darkvision.

The first time a particular creature sees you in a day, it must succeed at a DC 37 Will save or be frightened 1. This is an emotion, fear, and mental effect, and your allies become immune to it after about a week.

Activate Free ActionFree Action command; Frequency once per minute; Trigger You damage a creature with a Strike; Effect Your target is gripped by intense fear. This has the effect of a DC 37 phantasmal killer spell, but it is an enchantment instead of an illusion. The creature is then temporarily immune for 24 hours.