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PFS StandardSlippers of Spider ClimbingItem 7

Invested Magical Transmutation 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 616 4.0
Price 325 gp
Usage worn shoes; Bulk L
These soft slippers are made of fine gray silk. If the slippers are left unattended for a while, they tend to attract spiders that nest inside.

Activate [one-action] command Frequency once per hour; Effect Tiny, hairlike tendrils extend from the slippers’ soles, allowing you to walk on vertical surfaces or even to move upside down along ceilings. For 1 minute, you gain a 20-foot climb Speed and you don’t need to use your hands to Climb. However, the slippers require decent traction for you to walk on a wall, so they provide no benefit when you’re moving across greased, icy, or oiled surfaces.