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PFS LimitedMerchant's GuileItem 5

This Item may contain spoilers from the The Fall of Plaguestone Adventure

Source The Fall of Plaguestone pg. 58
Price 160 gp
Usage worn
Activate Three ActionsThree Actions envision, interact; Effect You can determine if an item is magical simply by handling it. You detect no other indication of its power, only whether or not it is magical, granting the effects of a 1st-level detect magic spell that affects only the object.
The band of this ring is made from blue-colored iron and has two sharp, decorative protrusions on each side of the red-stone inlay. It feels quite heavy and reliable. Wearing this ring grants you a +2 item bonus to Deception and Diplomacy checks, but only if the associated checks involve haggling or bargaining over a purchase or trade.