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PFS RestrictedHeartstoneItem 9

Source Bestiary pg. 203
Price 600 gp (200 gp when nonmagical)
Usage worn
Activate Single ActionSingle Action command; Requirements You must be touching the heartstone.; Effect The heartstone attempts to counteract one disease affecting you (counteract level 5, counteract modifier +18).
This gemstone grants its wearer a +2 item bonus to saving throws.

Each heartstone is powered by the spirit of a specific night hag. If it’s separated from her for 24 hours (or she’s been dead for 24 hours), it becomes a nonmagical gemstone. A heartstone allows the hag to use additional occult innate spells: ethereal jaunt (9th level) and bind soul at will, and shadow blast twice per day.

Craft Requirements You must be a night hag.