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PFS StandardWhip of ComplianceItem 9

This Item is from the Extinction Curse Adventure Path and may contain Spoilers

Source Pathfinder #152: Legacy of the Lost God pg. 75
Price 3,000 gp
Usage held, 1 hand ; Bulk 1
The handle of this braided leather +1 striking whip is made from the hairs of a variety of rare and mythical animals. When used against an animal, the whip of compliance can potentially force the target to follow your commands.

Activate Single ActionSingle Action command; Effect Until the end of your current turn, any animals you Strike with the whip must attempt a DC 25 Will save. On a failed or critically failed saving throw, the whip casts a 4th-level suggestion spell on the animal with a base duration of 1 round, and the spell loses the linguistic trait. The course of action must still fulfill suggestion’s requirements. If you can cast spells, you can expend one of your spells of 4th level or higher as a part of activating the whip; if you do so, the suggestions this turn have their normal base duration.