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Recording RodItem 3+

This Item may contain spoilers from the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path

Legacy Content

Uncommon Consumable Divination Magical Scrying 
Source Pathfinder #157: Devil at the Dreaming Palace pg. 80
Usage varies; Bulk 1
This smooth metal bar is short enough to fit in one hand. It has several inset gemstone buttons on one end and a small lens on the other. Popular with law enforcement and blackmailers alike, recording rods allow users to capture and replay incriminating scenes and are often concealed and triggered covertly to avoid raising the subject's suspicion.

Activate [one-action] Interact; Effect When activated, the rod records anything it sees and hears for 1 minute. Its lens acts as both eye and ear with precise vision and imprecise hearing. This recorded sequence can then be played back as many times as desired, the sights and sounds communicated telepathically to the rod's holder. The rod's recording sequence can be triggered manually by a person holding it, or it can be programmed to begin recording automatically in response to a specified stimulus, such as nearby movement or a specific trigger word spoken in its vicinity. For basic recording rods, once activated, the rod records for 1 minute, after which it loses its recording ability but can replay that same scene over and over. Rarer and more expensive reusable versions of the recording rod operate similarly, but the recording function can be enabled a second time by permanently erasing the memory currently stored on the rod. A reusable recording rod lacks the consumable trait.

PFS LimitedRecording Rod (Basic)Item 3

Source Pathfinder #157: Devil at the Dreaming Palace pg. 80
Price 20 gp
Bulk 1

PFS LimitedRecording Rod (Reusable)Item 5

Source Pathfinder #157: Devil at the Dreaming Palace pg. 80
Price 60 gp
Bulk 1