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Lifeblight ResidueItem 15

This Item is from the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path and may contain Spoilers

Source Pathfinder #160: Assault on Hunting Lodge Seven pg. 66
Price 1,100 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk L
Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions Interact
This black slime is carefully culled from coffins and sarcophagi used by the undead, and is then distilled and combined with necromantic energy, creating a dangerous sludge that leeches life force as aggressively as it rots flesh.

Saving Throw DC 35 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 6 rounds; Stage 1 5d6 negative damage and 3d6 poison damage (1 round); Stage 2 6d6 negative damage and 4d6 poison damage (1 round); Stage 3 7d6 negative damage and 5d6 poison damage (1 round)

Craft Requirements Supply one casting of 8th-level harm.