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PFS StandardEveryneed PackItem 3+

Source PFS Guide pg. 85
PFS Note All characters have access to this item

Usage worn on belt
Constructed of green material and decorated with a white Glyph of the Open Road, a dozen or more small pockets line the inside of this pack. The pack is enchanted so that each pocket contains common, mundane gear, each item worth no more than 1 gp, such as chalk, flint and steel, and string. It doesn't contain any armor, shields, weapons, or items made of any kind of precious material. Keep track of the exact value of the gear you retrieve from the pack. The pack empties after 8 gp worth of items of your choice are removed, after which it becomes a mundane backpack.

Activate 1 minute (Interact); Frequency once per hour; Effect You draw any number of pieces of mundane gear from the pack with a combined value of 1 gp or less.

PFS StandardEveryneed PackItem 3

Source PFS Guide pg. 85
Price 20 gp

PFS StandardEveryneed Pack (Greater)Item 7

Source PFS Guide pg. 85
Price 100 gp
The pack's pocket contain mundane gear worth no more than 5 gp each. You can draw any number of pieces of mundane gear from the pack with a combined value of 5 gp or less, and the pack empties after 45 gp worth of items are removed.