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PFS StandardCodex of Unimpeded SightItem 6+

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 162
Bulk L
A female figure peers through her blindfold from the cover of this stately tome.

Activate Free ActionFree Action envision; Frequency once per day; Requirements Your last action was to cast a divination spell prepared from this grimoire; Effect The grimoire offers you a glimpse into the truth of things. Seek or Recall Knowledge.

Codex of Unimpeded SightItem 6

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 162
Price 215 gp
Bulk L

Codex of Unimpeded Sight (Greater)Item 12

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 162
Price 1,800 gp
Bulk L
The frequency of the activation is once per hour instead of once per day. When you use it, you gain a +1 item bonus on your Perception check to Seek or skill check to Recall Knowledge.