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PFS LimitedOpportune Throw Feat 16

This Feat may contain spoilers from the Extinction Curse Adventure Path

Uncommon Archetype 
Source Pathfinder #151: The Show Must Go On pg. 74
Archetype Juggler
Prerequisites legendary in Performance; Juggler Dedication
Trigger A creature within 10 feet of you uses a manipulate action or a move action, makes a ranged attack, or leaves a square during a move action it’s using.
Requirements You are Juggling a thrown weapon.

You make a thrown ranged Strike with the required weapon against the triggering creature. If you critically succeed and the trigger was a manipulate action, you disrupt that action. This Strike doesn’t count against your multiple attack penalty, and your multiple attack penalty doesn’t apply to this Strike.



This feat belongs to an archetype.


Something of uncommon rarity requires special training or comes from a particular culture or part of the world. Some character choices give access to uncommon options, and the GM can choose to allow access for anyone. Less is known about uncommon creatures than common creatures. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creature is increased by 2.