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PFS StandardFoolproof Instructions Feat 8

Source PFS Guide pg. 44
Archetype Scrollmaster
Prerequisites Scrollmaster Dedication

You feel confident that you can explain your scrolls so well that even your allies can use them... hopefully. During your daily preparations, you can select a single scroll and instruct a single ally in its use. Until your next daily preparations, the ally can attempt to use the scroll with a single action that has the manipulate trait. The ally rolls the skill corresponding to the spellcasting tradition. The GM determines the DC based on the scroll's level, possibly adjusted for the situation. If the spell has a spell attack bonus or a spell DC, use your level as the proficiency bonus and the highest of your ally's Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifiers.

Success For the rest of the ally's turn, they can spend actions to Cast the Spell.
Failure The ally misremembers your instructions and can't use the scroll this turn.
Critical Failure The ally misunderstood your instructions and can't use the scroll.



This feat belongs to an archetype.