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PFS StandardCaptivating Intensity Feat 6

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 121
Archetype Captivator
Prerequisites Basic Captivator Spellcasting

Your ability to captivate others has grown, and you can use your captivator abilities more often. You seem to never run out of the ability to fascinate or distract. You can cast each occult innate spell granted by captivator archetype feats one additional time per day. You can do this for spells of all levels granted, other than your two highest spell levels from non-cantrip captivator spells. If you have Heightened Captivation, you can Cast the chosen Spell a second time each day, though one of the two times you cast it, it's heightened two levels lower than your highest level of non-cantrip captivator spells, as long as the spell can be cast at that spell level.



This feat belongs to an archetype.