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PFS StandardBasic Captivator Spellcasting Feat 4

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 120
Archetype Captivator
Prerequisites Captivator Dedication

Your innate ability to fascinate others develops into full-fledged spellcasting. This spellcasting comes naturally and instinctively to you, rather than as a product of training. Choose a 1st-level occult spell from either the enchantment or illusion school. You can Cast this Spell as an occult innate spell. At 6th level, you gain a 2nd-level spell, and at 8th level, you gain a 3rd-level spell. Each of these spells must be from either the enchantment or illusion school.

Basic Captivator Spellcasting Leads To...

Captivating Intensity, Countercharm, Expert Captivator Spellcasting



This feat belongs to an archetype.