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PFS StandardReactive Charm [reaction] Feat 10

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 121
Archetype Captivator
Frequency once per day
Prerequisites Captivator Dedication
Trigger You are the target of a spell or attack.

You're so charming and distracting that when pressed, you can cast a simple enchantment in time to foil an attacker. You cast any of your 1st-level enchantment spells that normally take two actions or fewer to cast. This takes effect before the triggering spell or attack, and if the attacker is affected by your spell, it can make different decisions based on the effects (for instance, if you charm the attacker and it becomes friendly to you, it can choose a different target than you for its attack or spell). The attacking creature must be in range of your chosen spell, and if your spell requires targets, the attacking creature must be a valid target. Your spell affects only the attacking creature, even if it would normally affect more targets or an area.



This feat belongs to an archetype.