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Ectoplasmic GraspHazard 5

Source Book of the Dead pg. 66
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 23 (trained) to notice ectoplasm coalescing
Description A massive ectoplasmic hand forms around a creature and squeezes it.
Disable DC 24 Occultism (trained) to send the ectoplasm back to the Ethereal Plane or DC 26 Acrobatics to move through and disrupt the coalescing ectoplasm before it takes hold
Squeeze [reaction] Trigger A creature moves over the haunt's area; Effect The hand forms out of ectoplasm and squeezes the triggering creature, dealing 3d8+14 bludgeoning damage (DC 22 basic Fortitude save). On a failure, the creature is immobilized (Escape DC 22).
Reset 1 day