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Iron Dart LauncherHazard 4

Uncommon Mechanical Trap 
Source Pathfinder #179: Cradle of Quartz pg. 12
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 25 (expert)
Description A half-dozen iron darts fire from spring-loaded launchers concealed in the desk opposite the front door.
Disable DC 22 Thievery (trained) to disable the trigger, or DC 18 Acrobatics to squeeze through the partially opened door (this doesn't disable the trap but prevents it from triggering)
AC 22, Fort +14, Ref +8
Hardness 10, HP 50 (BT 25); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage
Dart Trigger The front door is fully opened, Forced Open, or broken; Effect A hail of iron darts launches along a 20-foot line from the desk through the doorway, dealing 4d8+10 piercing damage to each creature in the area of effect (DC 24 basic Reflex save).
Reset The trap resets as soon as the door is closed. It has enough darts to trigger three times, after which, it must be reloaded with 20 darts before it can reset again.