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False Step FloorHazard 6

Conjuration Magical Teleportation Trap 
Source Dark Archive pg. 123
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 25
Description Each time a creature enters the room, it slips through the floor, tumbles through an interdimensional void, and falls back into the room through the ceiling, landing on the floor.
Disable DC 28 Thievery (trained) to disrupt the magical energy, or DC 27 Arcana or Occultism (trained) to realign the magical energy
False Step [reaction] (arcane, conjuration, teleportation) Trigger A creature enters the room and steps onto the floor; Effect The creature slips through the floor; it tumbles through an interdimensional void before falling back into the room through the ceiling and landing on the floor. The triggering creature takes 40 bludgeoning damage from the fall. That creature can try to Grab an Edge (DC 24) to avoid falling.
Reset automatic