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Thief's TrapHazard 20

Magical Trap 
Source Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse Prophet pg. 36
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 50 (master) to notice that the hairline cracks on the passage walls actually form runes.
Description Nearly imperceptible runes set off an explosion at the point a thief is most unable to receive aid.
Disable DC 45 Thievery (master) or dispel magic (10th level, counteract DC 50) to counteract the runes
Explosion Trigger A creature crosses a rune; Effect The runes unleash a gout of fire roaring up the chute. Anyone in the chute and within 5 feet of its openings is dealt 8d10+44 fire damage (DC 42 basic Reflex save). Immediately thereafter, the runes emanate a 4th-level silence effect for 1 minute, so anyone injured in the chute can't call out for help.
Reset The trap resets in 1 minute.