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Avernal FlashbackHazard 4

Legacy Content

Complex Haunt 
Source Pathfinder #193: Mantle of Gold pg. 53
Complexity Complex
Stealth +12 (trained)
Description A phantasmal crimson worm appears to rampage outside the workshop, afflicting the area with phantom tremors, blistering heat, and cave-ins.
Disable DC 22 Athletics, Occultism, or Religion; it takes three successful checks to weaken the haunt or erect supports that brace the ceiling. A PC who speaks Dwarven can attempt DC 22 Diplomacy (trained) checks to calm the phantasmal cave worm.
AC 18, Fort +8, Will +14
HP 45; Immunities bludgeoning, critical hits, fire, object immunities, piercing, precision damage, slashing, Weaknesses cold 5, positive 5

Routine (2 actions) Zogototaru uses 1 action to create a Tremor. With her other action, she either Exudes Heat or makes Rocks Fall, alternating between the two each round.
Exude Heat [one-action] Zogototaru breathes fire across Guldrege. Even from a distance, this makes the area blisteringly hot, dealing 3d6 fire damage to all creatures (DC 22 basic Fortitude save).
Rocks Fall [one-action] Zogototaru's thrashing appears to crack the roof, dropping debris on a random creature in the area. This deals 4d6 bludgeoning damage (DC 22 basic Reflex save).
Tremor [one-action] Zogototaru's thrashing shakes the ground, knocking creatures prone in the area unless they succeed at a DC 20 Reflex save.