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Source Bestiary pg. 39
A wide range of bats dwell throughout the world. Most of these nocturnal animals are harmless insectivores, but deadly breeds of vampire bats and oversized bats the size of horses pose much more significant threats to adventurers.


Albino Giant Bat (Creature 5), Giant Bat (Creature 2), Vampire Bat Swarm (Creature 1)

Sidebar - Locations Bat Locations

Vampire bat swarms roost in colonies wherever they can find shelter from weather, light, and predators, favoring caves, trees, and narrow gorges. Giant bats prefer to dwell in smaller numbers in deep caves, abandoned mines, or the attics of abandoned buildings. Even larger species dwell in the deeper regions of the Darklands, where they are often used as mounts, or even ritualistically slaughtered and then animated as specialized undead guardians of eerie underground cities and nations.