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Creature Templates

Source Bestiary
Some creatures possess a template to build others of their kind.

Divine Warden (Monster Family) Divine Warden
Ghost (Monster Family) Ghost
Ghoul (Monster Family) Ghoul
Graveknight (Monster Family) Graveknight
Herexen (Monster Family) Herexen
Lich (Monster Family) Lich
Ravener (Monster Family) Ravener
Siabrae (Monster Family) Siabrae
Vampire (Monster Family) Vampire
Vampire, Jiang-Shi (Monster Family) Vampire, Jiang-Shi
Vampire, Nosferatu (Monster Family) Vampire, Nosferatu
Vampire, Strigoi (Monster Family) Vampire, Strigoi
Vampire, Vetalarana (Monster Family) Vampire, Vetalarana
Vampire, Vrykolakas (Monster Family) Vampire, Vrykolakas
Werecreature (Monster Family) Werecreature
Worm That Walks (Monster Family) Worm That Walks