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Many monsters are still under construction - if the monster does not have a listed Creature Type below then it is incomplete (exception: Unseen Servant).

NameFamilyLevelAlignmentCreature TypeSize
Air MephitElemental, Mephit1NeutralSmall
Brine SharkElemental, Water3NeutralMedium
Cinder RatElemental, Fire3NeutralSmall
Earth MephitElemental, Mephit1NeutralSmall
EfreetiGenie9Lawful EvilLarge
Elananx6Neutral EvilMedium
Electric EelEel1NeutralSmall
Elemental AvalancheElemental, Earth11NeutralHuge
Elemental HurricaneElemental, Air11NeutralHuge
Elemental InfernoElemental, Fire11NeutralHuge
Elemental TsunamiElemental, Water11NeutralHuge
Emperor Bird2NeutralAnimalMedium
Erinys (Fury Devil)Devil8Lawful EvilMedium
Ether Spider5NeutralLarge
Ettin6Chaotic EvilLarge
Fire MephitElemental, Mephit1NeutralSmall
FirewyrmElemental, Fire9NeutralHuge
Giant EagleEagle3Neutral GoodLarge
Giant Moray EelEel5NeutralLarge
Invisible StalkerElemental, Air7NeutralMedium
Living LandslideElemental, Earth5NeutralMedium
Living WaterfallElemental, Water5NeutralLarge
Living WhirlwindElemental, Air5NeutralMedium
Living WildfireElemental, Fire5NeutralMedium
QuatoidElemental, Water7Lawful NeutralSmall
SalamanderElemental, Fire7Chaotic EvilMedium
Sod HoundElemental, Earth3NeutralSmall
Stone MaulerElemental, Earth9NeutralLarge
Storm LordElemental, Air9NeutralLarge
Tidal MasterElemental, Water9NeutralLarge
Water MephitElemental, Mephit1NeutralSmall
XornElemental, Earth7NeutralMedium
Zephyr HawkElemental, Air3NeutralSmall