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Many monsters are still under construction - if the monster does not have a listed Creature Type below then it is incomplete (exception: Unseen Servant).

NameFamilyLevelAlignmentCreature TypeSize
Crag LinnormLinnorm14Chaotic EvilGargantuan
DemilichLich15Neutral EvilTiny
Fungus LeshyLeshy2NeutralSmall
Giant Frilled LizardLizard5NeutralLarge
Giant GeckoLizard1NeutralMedium
Giant Monitor LizardLizard2NeutralMedium
Gourd LeshyLeshy1NeutralSmall
Ice LinnormLinnorm17Chaotic EvilGargantuan
Lamia MatriarchLamia8Chaotic EvilLarge
LamiaLamia6Chaotic EvilLarge
Lantern ArchonArchon1Lawful GoodSmall
Leaf LeshyLeshy0NeutralSmall
Legion ArchonArchon7Lawful GoodMedium
LemureDevil0Lawful EvilMedium
Lesser DeathGrim Reaper16Neutral EvilMedium
Leukodaemon (Pestilence Daemon)Daemon9Neutral EvilLarge
LichLich12Neutral EvilMedium
Lillend (Muse Azata)Azata7Chaotic GoodLarge
Living LandslideElemental, Earth5NeutralMedium
Living WaterfallElemental, Water5NeutralLarge
Living WhirlwindElemental, Air5NeutralMedium
Living WildfireElemental, Fire5NeutralMedium
Lizardfolk DefenderLizardfolk1NeutralMedium
Lizardfolk ScoutLizardfolk1NeutralMedium
Lizardfolk StargazerLizardfolk2NeutralMedium
Lyrakien (Wanderer Azata)Azata1Chaotic GoodTiny
Tarn LinnormLinnorm20Chaotic EvilGargantuan
Tor LinnormLinnorm21Chaotic EvilGargantuan