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Many monsters are still under construction - if the monster does not have a listed Creature Type below then it is incomplete (exception: Unseen Servant).

NameFamilyLevelAlignmentCreature TypeSize
Ball PythonSnake1NeutralMedium
Giant AnacondaSnake8NeutralHuge
Giant ScorpionScorpion3NeutralLarge
Giant TarantulaSpider6NeutralLarge
Giant ViperSnake2NeutralMedium
Goliath SpiderSpider11NeutralGargantuan
Great White SharkShark4NeutralHuge
Greater ShadowShadow7Chaotic EvilMedium
GrigSprite1Chaotic NeutralTiny
Hunting SpiderSpider1NeutralMedium
PixieSprite4Chaotic NeutralSmall
SalamanderElemental, Fire7Chaotic EvilMedium
Satyr4Chaotic NeutralMedium
Scorpion SwarmScorpion4NeutralLarge
Sea Devil BaronSea Devil6Lawful EvilMedium
Sea Devil BruteSea Devil4Lawful EvilMedium
Sea Devil ScoutSea Devil2Lawful EvilMedium
Sea HagHag3Chaotic EvilMedium
Sea Serpent12NeutralGargantuan
Sewer OozeOoze1NeutralMedium
ShadowShadow4Chaotic EvilMedium
ShaitanGenie7Lawful NeutralLarge
Shemhazian (Mutilation Demon)Demon16Chaotic EvilGargantuan
Shield ArchonArchon10Lawful GoodLarge
Shining Child12Chaotic EvilMedium
Shoggoth18Chaotic EvilHuge
Simurgh18Neutral GoodGargantuan
Sinspawn2Neutral EvilMedium
Skeletal ChampionSkeleton2Neutral EvilMedium
Skeletal GiantSkeleton3Neutral EvilLarge
Skeletal HorseSkeleton2Neutral EvilLarge
Skeletal HulkSkeleton7Neutral EvilHuge
Skeleton GuardSkeleton-1Neutral EvilMedium
Skulltaker18Neutral EvilHuge
Skum (Ulat-Kini)Alghollthu2Lawful EvilHumanoidMedium
Snapping FlytrapFlytrap3NeutralLarge
Sod HoundElemental, Earth3NeutralSmall
Soulbound Doll2AnyTiny
Spider SwarmSpider0NeutralLarge
SpriteSprite-1Chaotic NeutralTiny
Stone GiantGiant8NeutralLarge
Stone GolemGolem11NeutralLarge
Stone MaulerElemental, Earth9NeutralLarge
Storm GiantGiant13Chaotic GoodHuge
Storm LordElemental, Air9NeutralLarge
Succubus (Lust Demon)Demon7Chaotic EvilMedium