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Source Bestiary pg. 41
Not all beetles are harmless creatures that can be easily crushed underfoot. Oversized and ravenous giant beetles can be found throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the world. They are often benign creatures, though when threatened or roused, giant beetles are quite dangerous. Their powerful mandibles and tough exoskeletons make for a challenging combatant.


Flash Beetle (Creature -1), Giant Stag Beetle (Creature 4)

Sidebar - Related Creatures Beetle Species

Numerous other species of giant beetle exist in the wilds. Duergars train deep-dwelling beetles as mounts and guardians. Bombardier beetles can spew caustic acid as a potent attack. And the truly immense goliath beetles can devastate entire buildings or even castles with frightening ease.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Beetle Treasures

Beetles do not collect treasure, but the two light-producing organs of a flash beetle can be recovered from the creature and used for illumination-based chemical recipes, spell components, and magic item creation.