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Source Bestiary pg. 67
Powerful and primeval in appearance, crocodiles are dangerous natural predators that dwell in marshes, riverbeds, swamps, and other wetlands.


Crocodile (Creature 2), Deinosuchus (Creature 9)

Sidebar - Locations Crocodile Locations

Crocodiles often live in warm, tropical areas, either in fresh or salt water. Alligators are found in more varied climates, but only in fresh water. Deinosuchuses, particularly the largest and most dangerous of their kind, prefer estuaries, bays, or other brackish bodies of water connected to both river and sea.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Crocodile Resources

A crocodile’s skin can be used as leather, and its meat is chewy and mild, though even a large crocodile doesn’t usually yield more than 50 pounds of usable meat.