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Source Bestiary pg. 68
The cyclopes are violent giants with a tragic past. Although they possess only one eye, they could once see far more than most, possessing occult wisdom and divinatory magic that gave them the mystic ability of foresight. But their legendary oracular powers failed to prevent the fall of their society, and the vast kingdoms of the cyclops long ago collapsed into ruin. Today, cyclopes have forgotten much of what they once knew, and they skulk among the crumbling remains of their fallen cities like forgotten kings and queens gone mad.


Cyclops (Creature 5), Great Cyclops (Creature 12)

Sidebar - Related Creatures Cyclops Seers

Great cyclopes are traditionally violent creatures, but some retain fragments of the old ways that lull them into periods of calm. During such times, they can be incredible sources of information, but one must take care to be well away from the great cyclops’s lair before its bestial rage wakens once more.

Sidebar - Locations Lost Civilizations

Cyclopes dwell in or near the remains of their lost civilizations—notably Ghol-Gan in Garund, Koloran in northwestern Casmaron, and various kingdoms in Iblydos. Ruins of Ghol-Gan still dot the archipelago of the Shackles, and untold numbers of treasures belonging to the ancient cyclops empire still await discovery. Pirates and treasure hunters regularly conduct expeditions in search of lost Ghol-Gani relics, but many of these voyages never return. Among those that do, survivors speak of terrible curses, gruesome traps, and one-eyed undead guardians.