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Source Bestiary pg. 235
Elegant, mysterious, and graceful; all this and more can be said of the merfolk. These enigmatic people resemble humanoids with delicate features from the waist up but with the fins and tail of a massive sh from the waist down. Found in nearly all of Golarion’s oceans, merfolk are as varied in appearance as humans, their skin ranging from pale to umber and all shades in between, while their gleaming scales shimmer with the majesty of the sea.


Merfolk Warrior (Creature 1), Merfolk Wavecaller (Creature 2)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Merfolk's Secret

Some sailors claim that merfolk face a grave threat—a dark and sinister power capable of rendering even the most beautiful merfolk into a degenerate and mutated wretch. Such stories often end with claims that the merfolk, proud and noble as they seem, are unwitting puppets to some unknown entity lurking in the deepest depths of the seas. Merfolk themselves are characteristically tight-lipped about such claims.